What Makes Shifter a Great Provider of Proxy Solutions?


14.06.2022 in News by Matt Brown

Companies looking to target web data from the Internet can find multiple proxy providers to choose from and, with so many new businesses around the corner, it is difficult to decide on the best supplier of proxy server solutions.

Why should a company engaged in data scraping activities choose Shifter and its products?

First of all, Shifter is one of the most experienced brands in the proxy market, and over the years our company worked with a great number of enterprises delivering a reliable set of proxies for the most popular use cases.

For all these reasons, Shifter has come to be recognized as a constant actor in the proxy space and its time-tested products managed to integrate into all types of projects, large and small.

Let’s discover together the main benefits users enjoy when choosing the proxies from Shifter.

Connect with residential IPs from anywhere in the world

The residential proxies from Shifter allow a user to connect from anywhere in the world and access the required information like a local person. Furthermore, taking advantage of our advanced technology, users can engage in data extraction activities without getting blocked by anti-scraping mechanisms.

Genuine IP addresses for genuine data

Since many companies used datacenter proxies for a long period of time when targeting web data, it is quite difficult right now to avoid online anti-scraping mechanisms with these types of proxies. Furthermore, many websites that have been targeted established various means to deliver a false set of data when detecting proxy tools at work.

Therefore, companies involved in data extraction jobs that target hard to ‘read’ websites prefer to use residential proxies that employ residential IP addresses from genuine people.

Shifter has always been regarded as a great source of residential proxy services for all types of businesses.

Online privacy is equally important as data access

Shifter is a supplier of proxy server solutions that include both residential and datacenter proxy alternatives for a great number of cases.

Our company has come to be known as an impressive provider of residential proxies since with these tools at work companies manage to access online sites in complete privacy masking their IP addresses with our residential alternatives.

Why is it important for a company involved in data scraping activities to have complete privacy?

To answer this question, we have to imagine that an enterprise looking to obtain the latest prices from the competition, for instance, wouldn’t want its rivals to know they’ve been scraping their sites for the latest content.

What are the most popular use cases for companies choosing Shifter?

The residential proxies from Shifter have always displayed an impressive level of accuracy providing stable sessions to users who choose the network for a great number of business cases.

Some of the most popular use cases for Shifter’s proxies include price comparison overviews, data extraction jobs, market research & sales intelligence, SEO campaigns, online shopping sites, travel purposes, and web testing of applications or websites.

Though the number of use cases can increase very much, at the end of the day companies that need to obtain valuable data while keeping their private details hidden can always rely on Shifter and its products.

Shifter’s best selling points: From high-quality to smart prices

Shifter’s proxy solutions are time-tested products provided by a company that worked over the years with large and small enterprises, and truly understands the market behavior and its requirements.

Shifter has always been known for its proxies’ scraping performances and is considered an experienced company that took the time to improve its proxy server platform choosing quality over quantity.

So, when looking for quality proxies, Shifter will always come on top as they provide smart prices and impressive data usage, benefits that attract those budget-conscious companies that want to do more with less money.

Shifter is a great partner for new and established businesses

Shifter offers industry-leading proxies for startups, established businesses, and emerging companies. 

Shifter proxy network has proven to be a great solution for companies involved in Crawling, Data Mining, Sales Intelligence, Brand Protection, Ad Verification, Self-Testing, Talent Sourcing, Comparative Intelligence, Tickets, Social Media, Buying Sneakers & Amazon Ranking.

An impressive number of IP addresses from all over the world

Shifter is ready to assist customers with tens of millions of IP addresses from all over the world, a powerful proxy infrastructure, and geo-targeting by country.

Shifter focused on providing a high-quality pool of residential and datacenter proxies that can be used by established companies and startups to access the data they need in complete privacy and security.

Residential IP addresses from multiple countries

The residential proxies from Shifter allow customers to decide which country they want to connect from. They can easily access some of the most popular residential IP addresses from countries, such as The United States, Canada, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, France, and South Korea.

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