Looking for an Alternative to Pi Network? Why ice Network is the Perfect Solution


21.03.2023 in News by Matt Brown

Pi Network, currently used by over 35 million people, has become an option for those interested in mining Pi Coin, one of the latest cryptocurrencies available to the public. Because the demand for cryptocurrency continues to rise, with more people interested in investing in digital currency that has the potential to become more valuable, it comes as no surprise that people are jumping at the chance to mine crypto from the convenience of their phones or tablets. But does the experience of Pi Network come at a cost? Unfortunately, it's a question many people have after experiencing their fair share of difficulties while using the Pi Network.

What Is Pi Network?

Although its founders have worked on the Pi Network app for several years, it's still a work in progress, causing quite a bit of frustration for those interested in mining Pi Coin and reaping its benefits. Currently, users can download the app, create an account, and then invite friends and family to join to get a bonus. While most would look at this as a simple and frustration-free way to mine cryptocurrency and earn income from home, a growing number of users are complaining about Pi Network, believing that it doesn't live up to the hype and isn't offering the specific advantages they were led to think it would.

Why Is Pi Network Problematic?

Pi Network has proven to be problematic for several reasons. Despite having 35 million active users, the app continues to struggle and meet the needs of those using it, leading to major disappointment among most.

The Trouble with Too Many Ads

While most have grown accustomed to seeing an ad here and there while using apps on phones and tablets, no one wants to feel like they're constantly being bombarded with advertisements. However, this is one of the many problems with Pi Network that has many on the hunt for Pi Network alternatives that would provide a better experience. The presence of annoying ads has caused many to stop using the app altogether. For those trying to stick with it simply because they look forward to mining cryptocurrency, the advertisements are frustrating to deal with and are getting in the way of the mining process, making it difficult for them to enjoy.

The Code is Not 100% Open Source

Another pressing issue is that Pi Network's code is not 100% open source, lacking the technological agility needed to provide a seamless experience to its users. As a result, technical errors and other issues can develop, preventing individuals from mining for extended periods. In addition, it lacks transparency across the network. People downloading the app and mining cryptocurrency should be fully aware of everything involved in using the app, no matter how much time they spend mining the Pi Coin. However, this isn't the case and is certainly cause for concern. A lack of transparency often means something is happening behind the scenes that could put users at risk of losing their cryptocurrency or having their accounts hacked.

Users Are Dealing with Data Privacy Concerns during the KYC Process

The KYC process, also known as "Know Your Customer," is a must for Pi Network, enabling them to verify the identity of each individual using the app. Unfortunately, Pi is not using a reliable third party to complete this important verification process. Instead of using a third party, in which new users would be required to send proof of a state identification card or passport to have their identity confirmed, Pi Network is relying on its already existing community to confirm and validate new users. This poses numerous data privacy concerns and could lead to illegal and unregulated verifications. Many users are tired of the unprofessional handling of the verification process and are concerned about user data being shared with the wrong people. 

The Network's Mainnet Isn't Decentralized

One of the things people like most about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are the decentralized experiences provided. A decentralized network enables users to have much more control over their data while experiencing a greater level of transparency. Unfortunately, Pi Network can't offer that decentralized experience when its mainnet is centralized, evidenced by the blocking of access for sending and receiving Pi on the network. When people feel like they're being controlled by a system they thought would be decentralized, they will naturally feel a sense of disappointment. 

Pi Network Alternatives: What You Need to Know

It's not hard to see that Pi Network has made some significant mistakes, doing themselves a disservice in the process of creating an app that allows users to mine cryptocurrency from their phones or tablets. However, for those who were excited about the experience only to feel let down by broken promises, dozens of advertisements, and slow processing, the good news is that Pi Network alternatives are available, such as the ice Network. As an alternative to Pi Network, ice Network brings more to the table without causing frustration and irritation amongst those who use it.

What Is Ice Network?

The ice Network is an alternative to the Pi Network, enabling users to mine a cryptocurrency known as “ice” rather than “Pi”. It has a fully open-source network, believing in the value of providing full transparency to build trust with the community. By providing greater transparency throughout the process, users of the ice Network can feel safe and take advantage of mining opportunities to do something they enjoy in their spare time. Furthermore, because of the transparency, users can build solid trust with the creators of the ice Network and are more likely to recommend this opportunity to their friends and family members who are just as interested in cryptocurrency.

What Are the Advantages of ice Network?

The advantages of the ice Network and mining ice coins are tremendous, and many are starting to take notice, ultimately choosing to leave Pi Network to have access to better, more rewarding opportunities.

It's an Ad-Free App

One of the many reasons to love ice Network is that it's an ad-free app. Those tired of dealing with annoying pop-up ads taking up space and getting in the way of their mining experience while using Pi Network can look forward to avoiding those pesky advertisements. The founders of the ice Network understand that ads are bothersome and that most don't want to see them when they're trying to mine cryptocurrency.

The ice Network Has a Fully Stacked Team of Experts

Unlike Pi Network, the Ice Network consists of a team of more than 20 Senior Engineers, Economists, and Sociologists, all of which bring something of value to the table. These professionals use their vast knowledge and experience to provide a safe alternative to the Pi Network that crypto enthusiasts can enjoy.

Decentralization is a Top Priority

Most people prefer decentralization when investing in cryptocurrency, but that is something Pi Network doesn't offer to its users. Unlike Pi Network, ice Network prioritizes total decentralization, using a DAO governance model soon to be implemented at the end of Phase 1.

The ice Network Cares About Building a Solid Foundation and Supportive Community

The ice Network understands the importance of having a solid, trustworthy community of people willing to work together while taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in crypto mining. In an effort to provide its users with a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind experience, ice Network has implemented a concept known as Slashing, used to ensure that active users will benefit the most from the project as it continues to experience substantial growth. By offering this benefit to the most supportive community members, they can feel a sense of unity and pride, knowing they're using a platform designed with the users in mind, offering them the primary benefits they want, need, and deserve.

ice Network offers a fixed period of 15 months of mining before enabling users to complete the KYC and shift to the Mainnet. Those looking for Pi Network alternatives don't need to look any further because the ice Network app will be available on April the 4th, 2023, on multiple platforms, including the App Store, Play Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

How to Get Started with the ice Network

If you want to experience what ice Network has to offer and how it compares to Pi Network, surely beating that dysfunctional app out of the water, be sure to download ice Network's app to your mobile device on March 1st! The Ice Network has a powerful, solid governance system that enables the community to be more involved and make many important decisions on the future of the project, such as where to spend funds and which validators to accept into the network. By joining ice Network, you can enjoy a genuinely decentralized experience, dive into the world of mining cryptocurrency, and become a contributing member of a healthy community of crypto enthusiasts.

If you were fooled by the hype of Pi Network and are disappointed at what it's turned out to be, know that Pi Network alternatives are available, such as the ice Network. Instead of wasting time dealing with slow processes, countless advertisements, and centralization, you can download the ice Network and experience mining in a fully decentralized, ad-free space.

When you sign-up for an account, you can use our ice Network invitation code “shifter”.

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