4 Simple Reasons Businesses Love To Use Proxies


24.01.2023 in Knowledge by Matt Brown

They say every successful product needs to respond to a major demand or necessity from the potential customers who may be aware that their lives would improve once they acquire the new solution.

How do we apply this argument to proxies and their capabilities of extracting data from public sources of information?

Proxy server solutions are obviously great tools for companies that require content from web sources to reach business goals.

With proxies at hand, a company can go online and simply engage in web scraping operations to find the required data for branding, marketing, sales and content creation.

But that’s not all. Proxy server solutions are necessary for a company to find not only web content but to uncover valuable information that is not easily accessible

To protect the information of value, many web sources set up geo-restrictions and online barriers that need to be overcome by companies looking to obtain the targeted content. And this is where proxies become essential tools.

Another major benefit of using proxies resides in their ability to keep genuine IP addresses hidden from the visited websites. So, with proxies out there, a company can shield its private identity and location to remain anonymous in the online environment.

And this is a big deal today as the online space is full of malicious software and hackers that can’t wait to withdraw private details from a company.

Let’s discover the main reasons companies love to use (and need to use) proxies for business purposes.

Why Businesses Love Proxies

1. Improve your SEO strategy

Companies that want to promote products in the online space need to pay attention to the SEO factor.

Though it is true that good products easily sell to customers who are delighted by your business leading to an increasing number of positive reviews, a little SEO improvement goes a long way for companies interested to be present on the Internet.

That doesn’t mean of course that organic growth is not important, but for a solid company that wants to build a name for itself online, not everything revolves around money.

A company needs to increase customers’ loyalty by maintaining a direct and indirect stream of communication via social media and content creation.

And if communication with customers on social media takes place immediately, and you can quantify the results, SEO-based content marketing that happens via blogging or other means occurs over a longer period of time and delivers results in time as new customers discover your brand.

It goes without saying that proxies and SEO go hand in hand as proxy server solutions can help companies monitor competitors, obtain content for SEO goals, catch a glimpse of the right keywords when time is of the essence and finally improve the overall online presence of your business.

Though there are several use cases for proxies and SEO, probably the most popular usage for companies remains the search for the right keywords and building around them a content creation plan that would support the company’s marketing presence in the online environment.

And if this operation may take place manually by accessing and analyzing the competitors’ websites, blogs and online articles, the same process is better to be undertaken in an automatic manner with reliable proxies to reveal the right content while keeping your privacy intact. After all, your competition doesn’t need to know that a new competitor is in the market targeting the same audience and getting inspired by the content they already published.

For more information, read our blog and find out how are proxies used for SEO.

2. Enhance your brand image with social media 

Social media may have started by allowing individuals to share personal interests, but over the last years, the major social media networks worked hard to support business operations with more and more customers.

Now, since any business wants to preserve a constant presence on social media where clients can engage in a direct dialogue and even receive customer support, we can only rejoice to observe that a social sphere is still a place where new leads can be found and companies can display their services.

But how exactly can proxies help a social media manager who needs to promote solutions online?

Without thinking too much about it, we can clearly see that the main advantage stands of course in proxies’ power to shield a company’s genuine IP addresses from the online sources that are accessed online. And this offers a high level of privacy for any company that wants to withdraw online content for business purposes.

Further on, we need to remember that nowadays it has become increasingly difficult to develop your business in a niche that lacks competition, an element that changes everything as companies need to address the same target audience and find new methods to sell.

And with this increased level of competition comes additional challenges as companies already established are fully aware they need to protect their websites by installing various web barriers and offering geo-restricted content to a limited number of customers.

Is there any method to overcome these web protection measures? Of course, this is another area where proxies become truly valuable as they give easy access to geo-restricted content while managing to bypass any online obstacles.

As for social media managers who want to use proxies, there are several major advantages as they can simply create multiple social media accounts that correspond to the targeted regions or countries.

This way, they can promote products or services to customers from a certain area without getting worried they might be restricted from doing so.

For more information, check our blog post about how proxies can help with social media presence.

3. Increase your company’s online sales

We already revealed in our previous points - SEO and social media - that proxies are great for finding and withdrawing information from online sources that are not easy to access for a great number of reasons.

Now, no matter whether we are talking about geo-restricted websites or online sources that implemented various web barriers, what is important to remember is that companies that sell in the online environment are quite thrilled to use proxies for multiple reasons:

  • Have easy access to the newest technologies in the industry;
  • Remain connected to the latest updates in the market;
  • Understand what customers want;
  • Find out who the main competitors are and what makes them special.  

All these benefits are highly appreciated by companies as all marketing managers are keen to find out what makes a customer tick and why the competition is way ahead.

Is it essential for a marketing manager to find out what are the customers’ pain points or why they continue to buy your product? Would proxies help when used to withdraw information from forums where customers review your solutions?

And what about your competitors? How come they always seem to remain ahead of you despite your marketing efforts? Is it all about the price you set or is there something more?

Maybe they are more present on social media, maybe the marketing content they produce is better or maybe their services are more reliable. Would it help to use proxies and target their websites to check how they address customers?

4. Set the right prices with the right data intelligence

Companies are fully aware that it’s not an easy task to set the right pricing structure for a set of products, especially when you already have a number of competitors that managed to successfully build an audience.

At the same time, though companies are aware that “good products sell themselves”, the market context plays a major role in the eventual success or failure of your business.

Are you launching the product at the right time? How many competitors are offering similar solutions? Are your competitors large or small companies? Do you need to face several rivals or a multitude of fast-moving startups?

All these questions are part of any marketing manager’s approach to the market and simply looking at your competitors’ pricing structures may not be enough.

Now, if we return to the benefits of using proxies to establish a coherent pricing strategy, these amazing tools are always appreciated for allowing users to engage in web scraping activities on competitors’ websites.

Can we get the competitors’ prices by manually checking their websites?

Yes, of course. But with proxies at hand, we obtain several other advantages. 

Some of the most relevant advantages include the speed of access, the possibility to keep our genuine IP addresses hidden from the visited web sources and finally the ability to scrape valuable data without getting restricted by geolocation barriers.

The final benefit is quite important because we need to consider that most companies adapt the pricing structure according to the destination market. You cannot sell the same products at the same prices in Western Europe and Africa, for instance.

So, as we can notice, proxy server solutions are very important for setting the right prices for our products.

Why Do Companies Need a Proxy? Conclusion 

We tried to focus in our article on several major benefits a business can enjoy from using proxy server solutions.

From enhancing your SEO strategy and social media approach to selling products online at the right prices, all these areas of interest can be easily tackled with proxies from reliable companies.

It is therefore no wonder that businesses love to use proxies when they are looking to reach more customers and grow sales.

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