Social Media Proxies: Why and How to Use Them? Guide


31.08.2022 in Knowledge by Matt Brown

Social media managed to pertain to all levels of our lives in a way that used to be impossible in the past and this powerful grip extends far beyond our personal perspectives reaching into the online environment where startups and established companies work to address new customers and increase sales.

Social media networks are used to serve normal people offering a virtual platform where they could showcase their personal interests and preferences. Now, the same networks understand that real money is to be made from assisting companies to find customers and grow revenues.

Since social media platforms are amazing at attracting customers and promoting products and services, it is only normal to see the social space acting as one of the main marketing channels for companies that want to grow.

Further on, keeping a close grip on your social media presence and aligning the marketing strategy to content development and SEO should be regarded as part of the same business discourse.

If we agree that the Internet can indeed bring major benefits to businesses, we need to consider what would happen if we mixed the power of proxies with the reach of social media?

Let’s find out further why and how to use proxies for social media in order to maximize our business growth.

Why use social media proxies?

It is well-known that social media networks do not allow users, especially companies, to create multiple accounts.

Since this is a major concern affecting companies that want to market products on social media, a better solution was required by business ventures that were looking to secure an edge over the competition.

First of all, proxies help companies hide their genuine IP addresses to remain anonymous while searching for business-related content.

Second, social media managers need high-quality proxy server solutions to manage multiple accounts and promote products easily in the online environment.

So, a company can use proxies to extract valuable information - even from the competition - while managing multiple social media accounts to communicate with the targeted audiences.

Furthermore, creating several social media accounts offers a company the possibility to run multiple marketing campaigns in order to better test the product success rate among different groups.

Controlling multiple accounts over various social media platforms gives business users the chance to improve the brand image of the company they support.

It is quite useful for a company to run a number of social media campaigns and actually receive some real feedback from a large pool of users in order to develop a better perspective of the final customer.

Find more use cases of proxies and check out our article about proxies for ad verification.

Benefits proxies bring to companies on social media

It’s not easy to emphasize all the major benefits proxies bring to users interested to manage social media accounts for companies. 

If we are to keep it short and find the main advantages a business can enjoy with proxies, we would have to focus on the following:

  • Proxies help companies hide their genuine IP addresses masking their online presence so they can enjoy a higher degree of freedom in the online spectrum;
  • Proxies allow companies to engage in web scraping activities from any place in the world as local users avoiding restrictions and limitations;
  • Proxies open the gates of any websites that impose geographical restrictions, so they can obtain the required information for business purposes;
  • Proxies permit companies to create multiple social media accounts to promote products and services;
  • Proxies used for social media accounts help administrators run multiple marketing and sales campaigns at the same time;
  • Proxies can be adapted to serve social media accounts from a particular geographical region in order to better target a particular audience.

How to select proxies for social media

This is a complex topic as companies that want to benefit from social media need to make the right choice in selecting the best proxy server solutions for the business goals they want to achieve.

At the same time, we have to remember that not all companies are fully connected to the latest developments in the proxy field and business users may have some relevant questions.

Should I go for public or private proxies? 

Though some people - more tech-savvy, let’s say - could skip this question and go looking for the right proxy provider in the market - there are users who may not know why they should avoid public proxies. And we are here to clarify things a bit.

First, you need to remember that public proxies are shared by more than one individual. It may be one, two, ten, or one hundred.

And this is not something you’re looking for as these proxies may have been compromised by various individuals, including online criminals who always try to deploy malicious software to access sensitive information from businesses that use public proxies.

Private proxies on the other hand are more reliable and secure, not only for data extraction but for social media purposes too.

We have to underline that companies offering these amazing web scraping tools should not be regarded as just proxy providers but real partners for business enterprises that need information from the online environment.

Should I go for Special Residential Proxies? 

Special Residential Proxies offer stable sessions as they naturally come from real (residential) users who employ them in their own home networks. And since the visited websites can simply check the user details - such as the country, the city and even the Internet Service Provider - the residential proxies are more prone to resist automatic web barriers and geo-based restrictions.

So, should we simply choose the security, stability and resistance of residential proxies for our social media needs?

Well, let’s not jump so fast to conclusions since Static Residential Proxies bring their own advantages for business users.

Static Residential Proxies may come from large data centers throughout the world and may be based on virtual IP addresses, but that doesn’t stop them from solving a company’s business needs in the online space.

Static Residential Proxies may not equal the stability and endurance of the special ones, but they might be enough for your social media requirements.

If we compare these popular proxy solutions, we need to underline that Static Residential Proxies are equally able to provide great availability and come at a cheaper price.

How to use proxies for social media

Let’s just assume for the sake of our article that you want to use a Special Residential Proxy for your purposes. What now?

To make sure your proxies work best with your social media accounts, there are a few steps to take.

1. Connect a single social media account to a single proxy

Since it is known that social media networks do not allow users to create multiple accounts using the same IP address, it is better to use a single proxy for a single social media account.

So, if you decide to use multiple social media accounts for different geographical locations or serve audiences from diverse areas, you should try to associate your accounts with unique residential IP addresses that correspond to the targeted zones.

And to do just that, there’s nothing better than using a private list of residential IP addresses from an experienced proxy provider. In this case, once again, the proxy company becomes a real partner that can assist your endeavors to deliver the required IP addresses.

2. Keep track of your proxies

If you associate a list of residential proxy servers to several social media accounts, then you must remember to keep track of your proxies and always use the same IP addresses when connecting to your accounts.

If you do not pay attention to this detail and use some other IPs for your accounts, you might trigger the social media network’s defense mechanisms which could lead to your account being closed down.

In addition to this step, remember to keep your private proxies private and for your eyes only. Don’t share your proxies with other individuals as those users’ activities might get your IP addresses getting restricted or blocked.

3. Don’t use the business-related proxies for personal purposes

This number is similar to the previous point. The idea is that you should keep your personal browsing experience separated from your work.

Even if you need some online data for private reasons, you should pay attention to using different proxies and not the ones employed for business purposes.

4. Keep track of your social media accounts

This number is again similar to number two. If you connect a social media account from a particular location to a residential IP address, then you should make sure that account acts as a local one and serves or ‘talks’ to people from that residential area.

For instance, if your social media account addresses customers located in the United States, then you should be safe to go online with a residential IP address from the United States.

Though proxy server solutions are amazing at opening online doors, it doesn’t hurt to help them a bit along the way in order to maximize results.


As many people say, proxies make the world go round. And when you associate proxies with social media, the outcome can be spectacular.

Proxies make life easier for a social media administrator who needs to control and manage multiple accounts for the same company (or more).

Nevertheless, controlling multiple accounts and a private list of proxies is not easy, so maybe a tool such as Multilogin could prove quite useful for your social media troubles.

And if we understand that proxies can help brands in many other ways permitting companies to use them for all sorts of marketing purposes - from online promotion and sales intelligence to content plans - then we should not be surprised to see that businesses are always ready to pay the right price for the best proxy server solutions in the market.

To find out more, check out the most popular questions about proxy.

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