How Are Proxies and SERP Data Used for SEO?


31.08.2022 in Knowledge by Matt Brown

SEO changes everything for companies looking to be successful in the online environment.

All of a sudden, it is not sufficient anymore for a company to deliver a great business plan and a sound marketing strategy. Great products are amazing, but this is not enough for a startup that is looking to get ahead in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

A new company that wants to make its brand known needs to pay attention to the SEO approach and find various means to attract new clients by enhancing the content marketing plan which should not only ‘sell’ but inform and educate the target audience.

As many brands are fully aware, we live in a highly competitive market environment where most business niches have already been filled and it’s difficult to improve your SEO strategy fast.

Organic growth takes time and time is money.

How can SERP data help SEO? Proxies have the special power to extract valuable information that can be used to:

  • Monitor the competition
  • Obtain valuable content for SEO purposes
  • Get access to the right keywords and backlinks
  • Improve online marketing campaigns

How are proxies used for SEO? 4 ways

How are proxies used for SEO? Check out 4 areas where they can support your search engine optimization efforts.

1. Monitor the competition to enhance your SEO strategy

Residential proxies can improve a company’s growth rate in various ways by allowing users to target a variety of business-related content.

Some of this content refers to a competitor’s online presence and the way they understand to promote their products or services.

Since proxies are perfect tools for SERP data extraction, it is indeed useful to take advantage of them to keep a close eye on the main competitors.

For instance, if you want to enhance your SEO strategy and you are not sure where to start or how to advance your existing content, you could use proxy server solutions to obtain the latest SERP information related to your competitors’ content strategies.

With the right SERP data available, you can have a glimpse into your competitors’ approach to SEO by obtaining an overview of the main topics and keywords that keep emerging. This information will allow you to have a better overview of your own SEO strategy or improve it to a certain extent.

Finally, you need to remember that proxies offer the necessary security and privacy in the online environment keeping your genuine IP address hidden. This way, your competitors won’t have any idea that you ‘visited’ their websites and blogs for detailed information.

2. Obtain valuable SERP data for SEO purposes

Companies involved in SERP data extraction target different search engines to obtain important business content that could prove essential in multiple areas.

We may use the data to have a better market price overview so that we can better set up our sales strategy, we could look to find better leads that might turn into real customers or we could utilize the web content for marketing plans.

Finally, we can benefit from valuable business content for SEO purposes. And when proxies offer the possibility to scrape geo-restricted websites or hard-to-reach resources, so much the better for our SEO strategy.

For instance, if you are interested in acquiring content that could improve your blog articles, you can use proxies to target various analyses, reports, or product details that are not easy to obtain.

If we are to take an example, we can think of an article that would choose as the main topic ‘the most popular laptops in Sweden’.

With proxies at hand, you can scrape major online shops to extract technical details and product prices for each laptop mentioned in the article. This way, you won’t have to run a manual search online to find details about every laptop on the list. And to do just that, you will simply start with a SERP data extraction.

This is just a simple example, we are sure you can figure out other instances where proxies can enhance your content strategy and the SEO plan by permitting you to obtain the right data at the right time.

3. Find the right keywords and backlinks for your content with SERP data

To build a great SEO strategy, one needs more than relevant content and useful information for customers who want to find the best products in the market. 

To rank higher in the most popular search engines, one needs to enrich the content with the right keywords and maybe some quality backlinks.

Now, we are not saying that finding the right keywords is easy, but it’s a great starting point and proxies are here to help. Actually, one of the best use cases for proxies is keyword research and many companies are aware of this.

Thus, to find the best keywords you can engage first in a SERP data extraction job to find the content that ranks better, in addition to accessing titles, topics, and meta descriptions.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can have a better understanding of why your competitors’ content plans and SEO strategies are successful. Thus, it is much easier to decide if you want to create a better content plan or you want to experiment with a different SEO strategy.

Once you have a shortlist of the most popular keywords used by your competitors, simply run a SERP data extraction on the main search engines and check the results.

You should be able to observe the degree of success enjoyed by an article and the readers’ reactions. Or you could find that a particular article is also present on social media, where customers and industry peers are more likely to interact and offer opinions on the subject.

As you are working to uncover the best articles from the industry, you will start to notice that while you may succeed in writing about some topics better than others, there are some great pieces of content you can link to and ‘mention’ in your articles.

So, if you add a link to that impressive piece of content to your articles, why not let the author(s) know about it?

If they appreciate your own article and the context where you mentioned their piece of content, they might decide to promote it and share it on social media.

Who knows, they might insert a link to your piece of writing into their own content, which will act as a great backlink that will support the rank score of your article.

What we can definitely say is that Google loves good keywords and quality backlinks. And using the right proxies to obtain SERP data from the main search engines is essential.

4. Improve online marketing campaigns

Companies benefit from proxies to access multiple web resources in an attempt to enhance business development with a new set of data that can make the difference between success and failure.

To assist these companies to grow their reach into the markets of interest, proxies and SERP data extraction jobs prove to be essential tools that can help new and established brands discover the competition, improve the SEO game and finally engage in online marketing campaigns to attract new customers.

Since the online space has the tendency to deliver business opportunities for a company in multiple places, the marketing campaigns are strongly correlated (or should be) with social media and SEO.

For this reason, a company’s marketing campaigns benefit from the same valuable data users obtain during web scraping jobs. And if the data comes from geo-restricted websites when using proxies becomes essential, so much for the better.

We need to recall that websites that belong to major companies install online protection mechanisms that do not only reject scraping attempts and restrict (or block) the user IP from further access but may deliver false information to those looking to extract data.

Furthermore, when initiating a marketing campaign, it is quite useful to launch and promote it from different accounts in order to avoid raising any red flags of suspicious activity.

How can SERP data help SEO efforts?

How are proxies used in SEO? The can support your efforts by allowing to address more customers and enhance their content marketing plans.

SEO efforts are normally undertaken to make a site look more ‘interesting’ for search engines that try to classify websites based on the quality of data they provide in an attempt to assist customers who look for the best sources of content.

But to deliver a great content plan, numerous elements must be taken into account, from the right keywords and backlinks to the degree of ‘usefulness’ a website can provide.

At the same time, proxy server solutions prove to be great tools for SEO managers who need to speed things up and require shortcuts to quality content that would improve a company’s development in the online space.

With proxy server solutions in place and the latest SERP information at hand, companies manage to:

  • Understand the competitors’ approach to content marketing
  • Obtain better content for SEO purposes
  • Get the right keywords and backlinks
  • Improve the online marketing campaigns

Companies that understand how to bring together the benefits of proxies and SEO have an easier time attracting more customers and improving the company brand image in the market.

When we talk about SEO and content marketing, we have to imagine long-term advantages for companies that need to grow by increasing revenues and reaching more customers.

Are you wondering what a residential proxy is? Check out our entry!

If we add the value of SERP data into the picture, both startups and established businesses have no problem delivering better content that reaches more customers and attracts higher revenues.

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