Benefits of Static Residential Proxies. When to Use Them?


13.06.2022 in Static Residential Proxies by Matt Brown

Users closely connected to the world of proxies are surely familiar with residential and datacenter proxies, and they know that data center IPs have long been favored for their high speeds and superior uptime.

On the other hand, the high level of legitimacy and natural appearance of residential proxies made it easy for businesses that were involved in web scraping operations to access valuable data without encountering major obstacles.

As for static residential proxies, users can be happy to discover that these IP addresses are provided by Internet Service Providers, which offers them the necessary legitimacy, and are related to a physical geographical location, which again offers them the appearance of a natural browsing connection while accessing an online location.

So, we can clearly see that static residential proxies are more than valuable for a company that needs to withdraw data from online sources for business purposes. 

Though rotating residential proxies are great for accessing online content by constantly changing the exit IP address in order to remain anonymous, there are cases when static residential proxies represent the right choice.

When to use static residential proxies

Proxy server solutions are great tools for accessing online data for both retail and business enterprises, no matter if we employ them for obtaining fast access to sneaker websites or if we are driven to withdraw valuable data for marketing purposes.

In this context, static residential proxies can be successfully used to attract the required information fast as a major advantage resides in their capacity to avoid interrupting the user’s session. This is a positive element for businesses as it improves internal and external communication without resorting to regular interruptions.

The second major advantage for those who prefer static residential proxies is related to the easy configuration process which occurs only once and makes it simple for users to set up and manage.

Benefits of static residential proxies

Three major benefits of static residential proxies

1. Legitimacy in the online space

Static residential proxies have the necessary legitimacy to offer users the required anonymity to access difficult online locations without revealing their real identities.   

2. Faster route to valuable information

Users who go online with static residential proxies have the best chances to remain safe from any blocking attempts. Since these proxies appear as coming from real users, they are not surrounded by any suspicions.

3. Better access to local products

There is a growing number of companies that create online sales and marketing campaigns for particular regions in the world. Since the campaigns are available for people from a certain area, they can only be accessed via residential proxies that offer the possibility to choose your own IP address. Static residential proxies are again a great choice for people who want to obtain particular products at better prices.

Advantages of Static Residential Proxies - Conclusions

Static residential proxies are great tools for people who want to obtain the best of both worlds for residential and datacenter proxies. 

We can simply imagine that users gain access to high-quality residential proxies while enjoying the superior speeds of datacenter IP addresses and their great uptime value.

Static residential proxies address a great variety of use cases and display an impressive ability to avoid security barriers in the online sphere. With these proxies at your disposal, you can browse online without any interference while taking advantage of a stable connection. 

As you can see, static residential proxies have many benefits.

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