What Are Static Residential Proxies? Benefits & Applications


14.06.2022 in Static Residential Proxies by Chris Collins

We all know the residential proxies are appreciated for their reliability and legitimacy when trying to obtain online information, while the data center IPs work great when we are more focused on speed and timely execution.

But wouldn’t it be great if we could benefit from the quality of residential proxies and the velocity of the datacenter ones? How about bringing together the best of the two worlds: legitimate access and high speeds?

Static residential proxies are the answer to our questions. Let’s find out more about them.

What are static residential proxies?

First of all, we need to say that static residential proxies are actually datacenter IP addresses delivered by an Internet Service Provider. So, you can already see what we meant when we talked about accessing the main benefits of the two worlds and bringing together superior speeds and legitimacy.

The term ‘static’ refers to the possibility of operating as a residential user who employs the same IP address, an element of trust in the online space as it indicates that we are dealing with a ‘real’ person.

In addition to the legitimacy provided by these proxies, users are equally enjoying a high level of anonymity as these static residential proxies are not resorting to the IP address rotation process, which makes them far easier to be used when scraping for online content.

Finally, we need to understand that the static residential proxies are not provided by virtual machines in a data center and have the ability to resemble a usual browsing session. With static residential proxies at hand, users have increased chances to reach the targeted information by avoiding online barriers.

Benefits of static residential proxies for businesses

Though static residential proxies can be used by anyone for any online scraping jobs, we need to emphasize that these proxies are better suited for business operations where obtaining valuable information in time is essential. Let’s discover the main benefits of static residential proxies.

1. High speed

Static residential proxies are fast as they benefit from the data center infrastructure, so they are expected to deliver similar speeds as the classic datacenter proxies.

2. High anonymity and legitimacy

Since these proxies are delivered by Internet Service Providers, they enjoy the same level of anonymity and legitimacy in the online environment.

3. Reliable sources

Static residential proxies are reliable as they are delivered by trustworthy Internet Service Providers and are enabled by the robust data center infrastructure.

4. 99% uptime guarantee

Static residential proxies promise a 99% uptime guarantee as they take advantage of data centers’ resources and are verified by trustworthy ISPs.

5. Multiple online sessions

Users can engage in multiple online sessions when using static residential IP proxies for targeting online data.

When to use static residential proxies

With so many benefits of static residential proxies available, users might wonder when it’s too much to use static residential proxies? And they wouldn’t be wrong, as these proxies can be used for a large variety of purposes.

However, we need to say that static residential proxies are preferred when users want to avoid employing rotating residential proxies for various reasons that could lead to online blocks or even bans.

For instance, users who want to engage in e-commerce purchase operations on websites that address people from a particular geographic region, need to use a static proxy in order to ‘appear’ as a local person that accesses the site for usual reasons. In this case, a rotating proxy might create some problems as the website could notice the geo-location change and act accordingly by refusing further access.

Another major use case for static residential proxies is represented by the classic web scraping operations deployed by companies that require valuable content which is obtained fast and without delay.

At the end of the day, it is quite obvious that static residential proxies can be used for an impressive number of business-related use cases as they have the legitimacy of residential proxies and enjoy the high speed delivered by data centers.

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