5 Major Benefits For Companies That Use Proxies


28.11.2022 in Knowledge by Matt Brown

If most people correlate proxies with the idea of Internet privacy, companies that need to collect data for business projects look beyond privacy into proxies’ ability of opening doors to relevant business content.

For this reason, it is only normal to see both emerging and established companies looking to take advantage of proxy server solutions in their attempts to develop and grow their businesses.

With proxies at hand, enterprises that need web data for their projects are able to engage in difficult resource-demanding extraction jobs.

It is only natural to see that proxies are now considered some of the most appreciated tools in the online environment by companies that need their power to access the right type of data for business objectives.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular benefits a company can enjoy when using proxy server solutions.

Using Proxies in Business - Advantages

Advantages of proxies in business projects

1. Access is nothing without privacy 

Companies that use proxies - especially rotating residential ones - make sure they manage every time to reach the data they target while avoiding being detected and blocked.

But access is nothing without privacy and the high level of anonymity offered by proxies in the online environment is always appreciated by companies that want to keep their details hidden from the sites they scrape for information, especially if those sites are controlled by the competition.

So, if you could access your competitors’ sites without revealing your actual IP address, that would be a major step forward in collecting the content you need for your projects.

Companies involved in online scraping are fully aware that extracting data without the right proxy tools may easily lead to getting blocked or - even worse - to receiving the wrong set of data. When we talk about the wrong set of data we are obviously referring to receiving modified content from the targeted sites.

Thus, proxy server solutions are great tools that can help a company hide its actual IP address(es) when accessing the competitors’ domains and looking to obtain the right data.

And if we are talking about rotating residential proxies that allow users to change the IP address in an automatic manner at a predetermined period of time - in order to avoid raising any suspicions or triggering any security mechanism - then we can be sure the data we need is easily obtained and our real IP addresses remain hidden.

2. Collect data without getting blocked

We emphasized earlier the importance of collecting data from the competitors’ websites while keeping our actual IP addresses hidden from being detected.

But how do we engage in data extraction campaigns when the sites we target are usually protected by anti-scraping mechanisms that detect how much time we spend on the site and analyze the speed of our scraping tools?

To make sure we won’t get blocked from reaching the content we require - for instance, for price comparison overviews or when trying to come up with a set of statistics for the Sales and Marketing departments - we should employ a proxy server solution that can help us reach the data we need while offering the guarantee that our IPs won’t get blocked.

Should we use residential or datacenter proxies for our scraping attempts? Would you go for speed or complete privacy?

Though it is true that datacenter proxies are still working great for most use cases where proxy server solutions are required, when dealing with jobs that demand serious resources and users need to obtain the required information without getting blocked, most companies go for the high-quality offered by backconnect or rotating residential proxies.

Backconnect or rotating residential proxies allow users not only to access geo-restricted locations while using genuine home network IP addresses, but they also incorporate the option of changing the IP address(es) every 5, 10, or 15 minutes to mimic human behavior and avoid getting blocked by online anti-scraping mechanisms.

3. Social media is the name of the game 

We all dream of social media love. This is the heart and soul of social media and whether we talk about the private or business space, everything we post online aims to attract appreciation and sympathy.

And if all these things sound like common sense for our personal online personas, the things are not that different for a company that is looking to establish a social media presence to promote products, solutions, or services.

Or, why not, simply create a human connection with customers who need to see that behind a software company there are real people?

If this is the case and many businesses are using multiple social media accounts to promote their products, it becomes obvious that proxies are great tools for companies to establish a strong online presence.

Social media is today part of our lives, especially those platforms that put video content first, and it represents a space no business can or should ignore.

Our digital presence has become an incredible instrument that can be leveraged to retain customers and attract new ones. Social media represents not only a major competitive edge we should adopt but a natural step for our online marketing efforts.

Now, how do we make sure that our business online presence is preserved and noticed? How do we successfully integrate our social media accounts with our marketing campaigns?

One of the best ways to make sure that our social media accounts work just fine and we won’t get blocked by the social networks we use is to take advantage of a proxy server solution that can offer multiple IP addresses from different countries.

For instance, if a social media manager employs a set of residential proxies that provide IP addresses from several countries, it becomes easier to simply connect a social media account to an IP address from a country of choice to avoid restrictions.

At the same time, with numerous accounts at work, a manager can configure each of them in a separate manner to run different campaigns or target different age groups. Proxies simply give managers more options and freedom to test, run and validate social media campaigns in the online environment.

More accounts lead to more customers, and more customers bring higher revenues for companies that appreciate the power of proxy server solutions.

4. Monitor your competition

Every company today needs to establish a strong online presence if they are looking to preserve the success of the business.

However, the same is true for the competition so it’s only normal for all online players to maintain a close watch of each other’s actions in order to keep up with the latest changes and adapt their businesses to the latest technological advances.

For instance, if we take a retail business that addresses various customers in the world, there is a need to remain competitive and connected to the latest price changes in the market.

How can one remain connected without drawing price comparison overviews and gathering prices from the main competitors?

But, to obtain all this information, a company needs to use the best proxy server solutions available in the industry that can deliver high-quality proxies to extract the valuable data which can be further used in marketing and sales campaigns.

However, one needs to remember that your competition expects this type of data extraction and they might have already installed a set of anti-scraping mechanisms to detect and block your attempts.

To circumvent the restrictions in place, companies involved in data scraping activities need to make sure they choose the right partner for their business endeavors and select the right type of proxies that can help them reach the targeted information.

Find out more and check out on our blog how to conduct market research with proxies.

5. Keep your brand identity safe

Can proxies help us keep our brand identity safe from companies that want to steal our copyright content? How can we protect our identity or even our business ideas in the virtual space?

As we are part of a globalized community with companies developing their activities in the virtual environment, they must always fight to keep their confidential details safe. And when we talk about confidential details we include our brand identity that encompasses private copyright content, such as our logo and even our business ideas. 

Why is it important to keep our brand identity safe? 

Our brand identity is who we are in the market, it is how the market perceives us and it is the way we promote our brand activities and products.

For this reason, most companies work hard to create a brand that underlines a unique business philosophy and they are definitely not happy when they see competitors taking some of their intellectual property content.

With residential proxies in place, companies that want to protect their brand identity details can access any (restricted) locations from all over the world to apprehend the companies that ‘use’ content without permission.

Proxies go hand in hand with business projects

Proxy server solutions have been specially designed to respond to a great number of business needs and the number of use cases for companies that want to take advantage of proxies spans numerous areas of interest.

For this reason, though we have revealed only five major benefits companies enjoy when using proxies - from online privacy and complete web access to social media, competition monitoring, and brand protection - we have to say that proxies can be equally used to enhance a company’s SEO strategy, in e-commerce or for software testing purposes.

The number of use cases does not stop here and we’ve only emphasized the most popular use cases or benefits for companies that want to grow their businesses with proxies.

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