How to Use Proxies to Protect Your Brand? Guide


23.08.2022 in Knowledge by James Meadow

Nowadays, it’s not easy to keep your private business data confidential as the main challenges emerge from both cyber-criminal activities and competitors looking to obtain your brand ideas and use them for their own good.

And if most firms are aware that hackers prefer to employ malicious software to withdraw private data, the same companies are somehow less aware that direct competitors might try to benefit from the brand image they developed.

But what do we mean when we refer to the brand of a business?

First of all, when we think about the brand of a business, we need to consider more than the logo or the visual design elements. Of course, they are all necessary and nice to have, but a business that wants to be seen as a serious enterprise in the market needs to develop an enticing story behind the products they sell.

And when we say ‘story’, we are obviously referring to the principles they stand by and the ‘reason’ they started the business, besides the financial aspect. After all, it’s not always about money and customers are quick to notice and appreciate a company that values its clients.

Just to give a few examples, some of the most important principles that are connected to the brand image of a company revolve around privacy, security, personal development, freedom of access, etc.

For a company that is not focused on creating a personal story about the force that drives its enterprise forward, protecting the brand image may not be relevant. But for businesses that want to remain in their customers’ hearts and minds, keeping a close eye on your brand image and story is very important. So let's see, how to protect your brand with proxies.

3 Reasons to Use Proxies for Brand Protection

Reasons to use Proxies for Brand Protection

1. Security When Looking For Web Data

Proxies are renowned for allowing companies to search for public web data that proves essential in their business endeavors. But the online space is not a secure environment as a growing number of hackers and malicious software target the same public web sources users try to scrape for valuable information.

And when a company is interested in protecting its brand identity, the importance of keeping your data secure grows even more.

We just have to imagine the damage a brand would suffer in the event of a security breach where customers’ confidential details are released online. In case such an unfortunate event occurs, the company’s brand image and customers’ trust would be ruined and very difficult to rebuild.

For this reason, it is important for every company to make sure that its employees use proxies when browsing online to access various websites. Since proxies act as middlemen between users and the Internet, these great tools for obtaining online data actually become real shields that protect companies’ traffic from malicious activities.

2. Privacy When Checking Online Sources

Though it is true that proxies offer a high degree of security in the online space, they are even more valued for the anonymity they provide to users looking to access various web pages or trying to withdraw information for business purposes.

But why would a company require anonymity online?

A company needs to keep a low level of anonymity on the Internet because many marketing activities require a certain type of business-related information. And where can that information be found if not at your competitors or at those who manage to establish a better presence online?

Though it is advisable to come up with a unique approach and brand identity in the market, many emerging companies need to understand what makes the competition special and why some firms seem to have an easier life in reaching those customers.

To be more specific, a company needs to engage in various online marketing activities that spread from social media and content creation to email marketing. Would it be useful to catch a glimpse of your competitors’ styles? Is their way of ‘talking’ to customers part of their brand identity? What principles do they follow?

All these details can be obtained with proxies, and if proxies offer users the possibility to keep a low profile while searching for online data, so much the better.

3. Protect Your Communication with Customers

Companies communicate with customers at various levels, from newsletters and email marketing to social media and SEO-based content creation. And this is just normal for any company that wants to preserve an open dialogue with those who appreciate and buy its products.

But this communication is not always safe as online criminals are always looking to intercept confidential details that are revealed in the online space.

With proxies at hand, a company can block spam email or simply restrict access to IP addresses from suspicious users by placing them on a blacklist.

Proxies help further on marketing managers create multiple social media accounts and run different campaigns without revealing the company’s genuine IP addresses. This way, proxies act once again as a shield keeping users safe from online threats.

What Proxies To Use for Brand Protection

Though we have a great number of proxies, we will focus on the most popular proxy server solution that works great for companies interested in protecting their brand image and private content from hacking attempts and malicious software.

The solution is represented by a great set of residential proxies that can offer speed, privacy, security, and easy access.

It goes without saying that residential proxies made a name for themselves by allowing users to engage in successful web scraping applications allowing users to obtain data from geo-restricted locations without revealing the genuine IP addresses.

Furthermore, maybe the most valuable element to be emphasized remains these proxies’ capacity of providing residential IP addresses from home network users to companies that want complete security and privacy in the online space.

With residential proxies at hand, businesses remain anonymous on the Internet and this is a major step forward in protecting their brand image and reputation.

Are you looking to further increase your protection and privacy levels online?

Then you can choose a system of rotating residential proxies so that your IP address(es) may change on a regular basis.

This means that you can scrape online data for a longer time without getting restricted or raising any red flags about your activities. With a set of rotating residential proxies at work, you make sure your IP address changes frequently and you are not seen as an intrusive presence.

Residential proxies are definitely great means of keeping your brand image safe online.

Conclusions about Proxies for Brand Protection

It’s not easy to find a final definition for what a brand is and how a company should invent or reinvent its own image in the market.

Generally, when we think about a company’s brand, we imagine a logo and the website design, but there’s more than meets the eye. 

The brand image of a company includes not only the aforementioned elements but the way the company understands to market its products and services and the way its team ‘talks’ to customers via social media, content creation or marketing activities.

And if a design or logo can be somehow easily ‘borrowed’ or reproduced by a competitor, a company’s approach to the market and its ‘story’ or ‘voice’ into the industry are somehow more difficult to be ‘taken’.

We just have to look at some of the global enterprises today to see that each of them comes with a unique brand image and different stories toward customers. It is not that difficult to recognize Coca-Cola, Apple or Nike ads when we see them as we are instinctively looking at both the messages and the visual designs conveyed to understand what we’re watching in just a few seconds.

As the commercial landscape opens to a growing number of businesses that compete for the same number of customers, any advantage becomes crucial. For this reason, proxies occupy a major role in a company’s drive for more security protecting a brand and its image from online threats.

Read our blog and find out more what are static residential proxies benefits.

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