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03.09.2022 in Knowledge by Chris Collins

Proxy in business: introduction

Every major investor or entrepreneur is interested in obtaining the correct information on market conditions, target audience, or existing competitors before placing any financial resources in a project.

And if an investment group is somehow more interested in the local market conditions and the available regulatory framework, an entrepreneur is usually focused on the main competitors and the specific behavior of the final customer before offering a new service or building a new product.

At the end of the day, both parties are looking to take advantage of proxy servers in order to improve their own financial perspectives.

But why is it necessary to use proxies to access valuable public information from the growing online space?

Since the online sphere grows every day and the available data covers so many domains, proxies become essential in targeting the right source of information and withdrawing it in a comprehensible format.

Thus, companies large and small are forced to remain closely connected to the Internet to obtain the data they need, but they are equally interested in establishing a powerful presence online to promote their own products and services to the right audience.

Can all these steps be taken in a private and secure manner?

With the right set of proxies, investment agencies and tech entrepreneurs can tap into the large pool of public information so they can enhance their business perspectives and decide if they are ready to build a new business project or if they are prepared to invest substantial resources in a new marketplace.

Let’s see why proxies are important for investors and entrepreneurs and how they can improve your financial performance.

How proxy servers can improve your financial perspectives

Proxy server solutions have always been favored by business enterprises and investment groups for reaching and integrating valuable public content into their decision-making processes.

Since proxies are great at withdrawing online data from difficult sources while protecting a user’s identity details, they continue to be seen as great tools for scraping activities providing entrepreneurs and investors with all the required financial details before they can embark on a new business venture.

Since we live in a highly connected and competitive space, access to updated online information is of the utmost importance as we need to recall that a particular market is targeted by multiple investment groups or entrepreneurs who need the latest data.

Now, though it is important for an entrepreneur or investor to do his homework by checking all the existing variables and the available details, without the major value provided by proxies for product development and online promotion, that final decision would be a lot more difficult to be taken in a reasonable timeframe.

Valuable information for business entrepreneurs and investors

Proxy server solutions can help entrepreneurs and investors reach relevant information from multiple sources so they can make the right decisions before building a new product and entering a new market.

In this context, the importance of launching data-based projects becomes even greater as an entrepreneur - especially one from the tech sphere - is deeply involved not only in creating a new solution but also in finding the right ways of promoting the product into the market of choice.

If we are to find multiple instances where valuable data is key, we can simply look at several factors that an entrepreneur or investor needs to consider before starting.

  • Is the market ready for my product or investment?

If you are the new Steve Jobs and have a clear vision of your products and their place in the market, you shouldn’t worry much about the market as you surely know better. 

But if you are a normal business entrepreneur or investor without any superpower, you should take advantage of the power of proxies to extract all the available data about your market of choice.

Find out if the target marketplace has evolved lately or if it’s in an unavoidable decline. Check the existing regulations and see if your business or investment can grow in such an environment. Finally, verify if the market you want to enter has already faced similar products and how it previously reacted.

Since this search for information takes place nowadays in the online space, you better use proxy solutions so that you can keep your online identity private as you never know who’s following your data search.

  • Who is my target audience and what are their preferences?

You can not build a new product or offer a new service without considering the people you’re actually selling to. Since you may want to offer your product in the online environment, your customers should be already there acquiring similar solutions and rejecting others.

Have you checked the various online platforms where they gather to share ideas? Maybe you can take advantage of proxy server solutions to look for information on social media, forums, and review websites to verify what they think about a certain product.

What are their main complaints and what would they like to see in the market?

Also, are you reinventing your online presence and your solutions? Have you noticed the main requests that arrived from social media or from your own Support department? It is true that the last two do not require a proxy, but if you want to have a full picture of your business, you should take every detail into account.

Though it may seem that investors are more interested in businesses they want to invest into, they are equally interested in finding out who the final customer is and what they think about a certain business. After all, the final customer is the one buying and making sure that investors have a return on their investment after a while.

  • Who are my competitors?

Are you aware of the competition your products would soon face?

Have your competitors completely covered the market or do you see yourself ready to ‘steal’ a part of their customers by providing better solutions or a stronger communication plan?

Since your main competitors are already present online, you can simply use proxy solutions to withdraw key information from their online pages or social media channels. 

With proxies at your disposal, you can disclose the main strong points of your competitors and the way they organize the communication plan around the main products.

All these details we emphasized above are useful pieces of information for all business entrepreneurs who want to build new products or launch new services into the market of choice. 

Depending on the way proxies are used to obtain the necessary data from the online space, an entrepreneur or investor can make sure the new business would be more or less successful, and the financial perspectives would be positive.

Which proxies to use for the best results in business

Which proxies are the best for companies and business purposes?

At this moment, some of the most popular proxy server solutions that work great for the aforementioned use cases are rotating and static residential proxies.

Though most users would like to have a more straightforward response, we need to underline that the difficulty of the scraping activity is strongly correlated with the choice of the proxy solution. 

We have to say that static residential proxies can be found at lower prices, so this element needs to be taken into account by investors and entrepreneurs who need to stick to a budget.

Since static residential proxies work very well for most scraping jobs, users can start from that point. 

Static residential proxies preserve the speed and stability provided by the data centers they come from, but as they are offered to local ISPs from all over the world, they have the legitimacy of regular residential users, so these tools should solve most requirements.

However, if the user is dealing with more difficult web sources that installed anti-scraping mechanisms, rotating residential proxies could prove more useful as they are designed to change the exit IP address on a regular basis.

In the end, the difficulty of the scraping job needs to be established and addressed by the customers who use proxy servers to obtain data from the online space as they are more familiar with the difficulty of extracting content from a particular source.

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