Monitoring Customer Reviews with Proxy. How To Do It?


25.09.2022 in Knowledge by Matt Brown

The ability to monitor online customer reviews is an important part of any business that wants to remain relevant in the market. Check out, how proxies can help you in the process!

Why it is important to monitor customer reviews

The ability to monitor customer reviews is an important part of any business that wants to remain relevant in the market.

Though it is necessary to invest substantial financial resources into product development and the promotion of your business in the market of interest, we should always remember our products and services are meant to be used by regular customers at the end of the day.

So, any company that wants to improve its product offering should always invest human and financial resources to monitor the online customer reviews to finally obtain the necessary feedback provided on various platforms and web pages.

At the same time, since we are dealing with a great variety of web sources, from customer review websites and forums to social media channels, any business looking to obtain online feedback needs to benefit from the right tools to get the job done. 

This is where proxy server solutions and their ability to retrieve relevant information from public sources comes into play offering business startups and developed enterprises the possibility to tap into the wealth of public data that contains customer reviews.

With this major source of information at hand, companies can reposition the focus they place on certain solutions while adapting the marketing and sales strategies to respond to the market input for the best results.

Main challenges for businesses that monitor online customer reviews

Any business that cares about its customers is fully aware that responding to most online reviews would be ideal. But with so many web sources and various platforms, it’s not always easy to monitor and address the feedback customers leave online. 

Monitoring customer reviews using proxies

Let’s check some of the main challenges businesses face when trying to monitor customer reviews.

Finding customer reviews on a global scale

If we are talking about a business that addresses customers on a global scale, the process of monitoring customer reviews becomes a challenging task

So, if we are dealing with a company that delivers products and services for people from all over the world or even multiple countries and jurisdictions, gathering customer feedback imposes companies to use the right tools that can access reviews from different geolocations in order to respond to the latest demands and finally protect the company’s reputation.

From this perspective, it’s quite clear that a reliable set of residential proxies that would allow business users to go online with a local IP address is highly relevant and recommended.

Fast access to customer feedback

Since today we are dealing with an increasing number of companies that established an online presence to address customers from all over the world, the necessity to obtain fast access to customer feedback on various platforms has increased more than ever.

Now, we have to say that though it is indeed important to reply to customers’ negative feedback as soon as possible, we shouldn’t forget that positive reviews are equally relevant and every company that wants to preserve its brand image should allocate the necessary resources to address positive feedback as well.

After all, why should you keep on running after new customers when you can preserve your present ones and even incentivize them to promote the business online?

Automate your reviews monitoring process

We previously mentioned that it is not easy to find and respond to customer feedback on a global scale unless we benefit from a great set of rotating residential proxies that can help us access local content with a local IP address.

But if we are talking about a business that addresses international customers from all over the world, this means that we would have to collect plenty of customer reviews manually.

And this would simply take a lot of time and would be too time-consuming, no matter how many resources we employ. Not to mention that we would be prone to facing unavoidable human errors and various technical difficulties.

To solve these challenges, proxy server solutions can provide an automated method of collecting and addressing customer reviews from all over the world, while displaying them in a comprehensive manner.

How proxies can help a business to monitor customer reviews

Up to this point, it has become quite obvious why proxy server solutions are a great choice for businesses that are interested in monitoring customer reviews on a regular basis.

That’s why, the best solution for companies interested in obtaining online feedback is to use a residential proxy network that offers easy access to targeted web sources via local IP addresses. 

This option applies to both major companies that track content from all over the world and to startups that are more interested in a particular local market where their customers reside.

Finally, a great proxy network that includes millions of residential IP addresses from all over the world and offers an impressive 99% uptime should allow businesses to go online for the desired content on a continuous basis to monitor the latest reviews and address the customers’ concerns in time.

Read more how to use proxies to protect your brand.

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