How To Use Proxies To Obtain Food Delivery Data


09.29.22 in Knowledge by James Meadow

Why businesses need food delivery data

Companies that want to start a food delivery business are naturally interested in collecting valuable data from various sources to improve their own services.

Since accessing data of interest from competing food delivery services is not an easy task, the accessibility of proxy server solutions emerges as a great choice for companies that need quality content from multiple sources.

With quality information obtained from online food delivery services, a business can better understand the customers’ expectations and needs. We have to recall that a food delivery service involves not only the quality of the available products, but we actually have a technical aspect that needs to be considered.

Companies that are interested in running a food delivery service need a reliable proxy network to:

  • keep a close eye on the main competitors in the market;
  • have easy access to a great variety of food offers;
  • obtain unique data from sources that are available in various geolocations.

Main issues for companies that collect food delivery data

Any company involved in food delivery - no matter if it’s an established company or one that barely emerges in the market - needs to remain connected to customers’ requirements and the latest trends in the market, but with so much information out there, that’s not always possible.

Let’s uncover the main issues companies face as they try to collect data from food delivery services. 

  • Collecting food delivery data from local sources

The importance of collecting data from local sources has always been an important element of success for any business that wants to access the latest trends and implement them into their own businesses before they can reach global popularity.

This way, a company remains truly competitive in the market and is always one step ahead of its competitors. Therefore, it is vital for a business to collect food delivery data based on different geolocations.

From this point of view, the use of proxy server solutions is more than required as a reliable residential proxy network can open the online doors to local content that is restricted to people from that particular area. At the same time, with a residential IP address at hand, a business avoids getting blocked when withdrawing valuable information from the targeted sources.

  • Withdrawing information from multiple global platforms

Local content is clearly valuable for a company that wants to remain connected to the latest evolutions in the food delivery industry. However, if we are talking about a business that addresses customers at a global scale, it is equally relevant to withdraw quality data from multiple sources throughout the world.

To obtain the latest food delivery-related content, a business needs to enhance the collecting process while targeting data on multiple platforms. With a great set of residential proxies users can scale their data scraping activities to include multiple sources from different geographical locations.

This way, food delivery businesses manage to withdraw details such as pricing systems, times of delivery, most popular locations, and even customer reviews. This wealth of data can further be used by users in a comprehensible manner to pinpoint various opportunities and enhance the product offering.

  • Staying up-to-date with the latest data of interest

Since we live in a constantly changing world, food delivery services are equally affected and what is true today might not be valid in the following days.

For this reason, it is important to obtain the latest food delivery data in time so that you can integrate any valuable content into your own services.

To launch multiple data requests via web scraping jobs and avoid any online barriers, rotating residential proxies could act as the right tools offering users complete control of the tasks.

How proxies can help a business access food delivery data

The best solution to obtain reliable food delivery data in an efficient manner is to use a rotating set of residential proxies so that a business may engage in multiple scraping sessions from various geolocations.

At the same time, a residential proxy solution is able to offer business users easy access to the latest food delivery data in real-time from public sources allowing businesses to avoid online anti-scraping mechanisms and other web barriers.

To withdraw quality food delivery data from a variety of web platforms, users should make sure they benefit from a powerful proxy network that offers millions of residential IP addresses and an impressive uptime level. is the ultimate professional toolkit for data collection that offers fast access to rotating, on-demand and static residential proxies, in addition to web scraping APIs for raw HTML content, search engine results, and e-commerce sites alongside an optimized cloud hosting infrastructure designed for scraping purposes. 

Our modern data stack is the foundational piece of any data collection use case providing advanced functionalities, easy integrations, and high success rates. 

Sign up for a Shifter account and start building the proper foundation for your data collection project today.

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