Proxies for Ad Verification: Advantages and Use Cases


16.09.2022 in Knowledge by James Meadow

Why are proxies necessary for ad verification

Ad verification is a normal process for numerous marketing and advertising teams that need to make sure the ads they publish online function properly and are displayed in the right locations.

Since the digital advertising industry has developed so much over the past years with more and more companies focused on attracting customers from the Internet, the number of ads kept on growing in an attempt to increase user traffic.

But every major company that is involved in online advertising is concerned about the quality of the ads, how they are displayed and how they affect the final user, not to mention that sometimes the ads could miss the targeted audience.

So, how do we make sure that our ads reach the right users and ad fraud is avoided?

To make sure companies and their brands are protected, there are multiple ad verification services that focus on checking the ads published online. Many times, the companies involved in online advertising are directly concerned with the legality and quality of the ads they publish.

The main step advertising companies take is to check the ads via a high-quality residential proxy network and verify that the ads reach the intended audiences and are displayed in a safe medium.

But let’s find out more about ad fraud before approaching the value a residential proxy network can bring to protect the company and its brand image.

Check out more what are static residential proxies and how to use them properly.

What is ad fraud

When we approach ad fraud we need to consider any malicious attempt to benefit from online advertising networks for financial gains. Fraudsters may try to engage in ad fraud in order to simulate online traffic sessions, user impressions, and conversions via fake social media accounts and other means, such as bots.

All these malicious activities are undertaken in order to trick online advertising companies to pay the individuals involved in these scams. Let’s check some of the most popular methods employed by ad fraudsters.

  • Fake impressions: The ad is so much modified that the user is not actually seeing it due to various technical obstacles. Basically, the malicious actors target the advertising companies by providing fake impressions in return for money.
  • Fake ad clicks: The scammers use in this case bots and various scripts to simulate the user ad clicks, again for financial reasons.
  • Fake website visits: In this case, the bad actors try to produce fake numbers of visitors to a website that displays ads to increase the financial value of the ads.

How can proxies help in ad verification

First, we need to say that an ad verification process needs to take into account several factors: the ads must be displayed on the right websites, in the appropriate context, and for the intended target audience.

So, the advertisers engage in the ad verification process to make sure the ads they publish respect the established criteria, from the web pages where they should appear to the right geolocation.

In this context, the ad verification process is highly improved by a great network of residential proxies since advertisers’ IP addresses may be blocked or restricted by ad fraudsters as they try to check the validity of the online ads.

With special residential proxies at hand, advertisers may use an IP address from any geolocation to engage in detecting ad fraud anonymously, while working to enhance the overall performance of the ads. This way, the ad verification is equally protecting the advertisers’ brand reputation as the ads are verified to respect all the established criteria.

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