Proxy in Real Estate for Searching Data. Ultimate Guide


12.09.2022 in Knowledge by Chris Collins

Are you searching for real estate data? Check out how proxies can help to do it!

The importance of real estate data

The real estate industry has always been one of the most interesting areas of interest for both the general public and the investors who tried to place massive financial resources into the next residential project.

In many countries, the real estate space has become so important that entire economies are dependent on its continuous growth and development. 

We can clearly see how China, for instance, has immensely benefited from the numerous companies - more or less privately owned - that started building not only entire neighborhoods but brand new cities in short periods of time.

When the real estate market grows, so does the economy and everything else related to this industry. When things slow down, the negative effects spread throughout the economy.

For the general public, the interest in real estate is just as important, even though regular people are usually looking to purchase an apartment to live in, rent it or simply acquire it as a long-term investment

From this point of view, the Chinese citizens can again be taken as an example as they are known for their impressive appetite for real estate and long-term vision.

How proxies can improve your search for real estate data

Improving real estate data searching through proxies

Real estate data is valuable for users who need to make the decision of purchasing a property. But with so much data available in the market, where do we start?

First of all, it is obvious that users need to collect a great deal of data from the market and organize it in a simple format that can offer them the possibility to reach some conclusions.

At the same time, the online information should enable users to make data-based decisions that would allow them to comprehend what is the state of the real estate market, its recent evolution, and future development.

All these details can only be obtained from various realtor platforms by scraping the necessary content in an automatic manner. It is of course important to engage in web scraping attempts on the market of interest after establishing which are the most relevant real estate websites.

After deciding on which platforms you should address your online search for information, you can set your scraping job to include various details, from the property name, the geographical location, and the year of built to the available prices.

Since these are public details, you should not have major difficulties in obtaining them. However, you need to remember that real estate websites are generally scraped by other users and they might contain some anti-scraping mechanisms in place.

For this reason, you should make sure that you go online with a reliable set of residential proxies that would protect your online search from any restrictions

How to use proxies to protect your brand? Please, click the link and find out on our blog. 

With proxies in place, your online requests can be sent to a great number of web pages in a short period of time allowing you to extract the data you need fast.

Nevertheless, you just need to make sure that your online search won’t send too many requests to the targeted sources as this element might trigger the protection mechanisms and affect your scraping process.

Conclusions about proxies in real estate

Real estate platforms nowadays contain several protection mechanisms, from anti-spam systems to anti-scraping barriers, which is quite normal as they might be equally targeted by malicious actors.

To solve this problem, users interested in obtaining valuable information from a real estate website can simply benefit from a good set of rotating residential proxies that would hide the exit IP addresses permitting users to continue scraping for data.

To avoid any inconveniences when targeting real estate data, a residential proxy service that offers great IP availability and global geolocations is required to obtain the right information from all sources of interest.

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